As an organizational psychologist with extensive professional experience in the recruiting sector, I can offer your organization a broad range of services to guide and steer your organization’s digital growth.


1 ✅ Define

➩ Precise analysis of staffing requirements in the digital area

➩ Identify internal talent and high profiles for the digital transformation

➩ Analyze the change requirements of the corporate structure

 2 ✅ Drive

➩ Create recruiting measures for the target group “digital talents”

➩ Create role profiles

➩ Determine compensation and benefits

➩ Execute search and selection of qualified personnel from the digital and IT sector

➩ Implement talent assessments supported by psychometric assessment

3 ✅ Develop

➩ Integrate new employees into the existing organization

➩ Select and implement change agents in the organization

➩ Execute workforce development measures focusing on digital transformation

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